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Professional Showroom
& Design Team

Whether you are a contractor looking for a plumbing and lighting package for a newly constructed home or a homeowner looking to replace a single fixture, our showroom sales and design team are here to help.

We are experts in lighting and plumbing fixtures and supplies.  We carry products of all price points and will work with you to meet your budget requirements for any project. 

Partnering with area professionals from the beginning of projects all the way through completion is where we excel.

Meet the Team

Chris Thorpe Headshot

Chris Thorpe

Showroom Sales & Marketing Director
Angela Burke Headshot

Angela Burke

Showroom Sales Consultant

Doug Tucker

Showroom Sales Consultant

Katie Tindol

Business Development & Buyer

Hanna O’Neal

Showroom Sales Consultant

Erica Crews

Showroom Support Manager
Diane Hodapp Headshot

Diane Hodapp

Showroom Sales & Design

Donna Miller

Showroom Sales Consultant – Waycross
Deb Kay Headshot

Deb Kay

Office Manager

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Indoor Living Spaces

All of our supply showrooms offer the latest selection of quality electric, plumbing, and contractor supply items.

When it comes to indoor lighting and fans, our showrooms are unparalleled. We have worked diligently to bring in the latest selection of ceiling fans, wall sconces, and chandeliers from leading brands so you can find exactly what works for your space. Whether you’re after a statement piece or an elegant chandelier for a formal look, we offer countless options in various sizes and styles. Our associates are ready to take you through our collection and help make your vision come to life. Come check out our showrooms today and see just how wonderfully illuminated your home could be!

Indoor Lighting

White Star Supply has an amazing selection of stylish indoor lighting fixtures that are perfect for every room in your home. From traditional to modern light fixtures, the White Star showroom has something for every style and taste. When considering how to choose the perfect indoor lighting for your own space, there are a few things to keep in mind. Ask yourself what type of environment you want the room to create, both aesthetically and functionally. Consider how much natural light is present in the room and then take into account any additional lighting needs. Finally, take into account the size and shape of the space as certain fixtures may or may not be suitable depending on those factors. Indoor lighting can completely change your living space, creating dramatic results without needing time-consuming remodeling projects.

Ceiling Fans

White Star Supply offers only the best when it comes to ceiling fans. Whether you are looking for a modern and sleek model, a chic classic, or something to fit your rustic country decor, White Star has endless options of intricate fan styles to choose from. Knowing what type of fan fits each room’s needs correctly is essential in finding the perfect addition. White Star Supply helps their customers make the most educated decision by understanding not only the aesthetics of their customers’ wants but also how well that particular fan can circulate air efficiently. Ceiling fans can be profoundly effective in adjusting the room’s atmosphere and White Star can help you find the ideal one for you.

Wall Sconces

White Star Supply offers a wide selection of stylish and timeless wall sconces to light up any room in your home. From modern LED wall lighting that creates a crisp, contemporary statement to traditional sconces that evoke romantic charm, White Star Supply has something to fit every décor. When considering indoor wall lighting, it is important to measure the size of the available space and take into account both aesthetics and functionality. White Star Supply’s expert team can help guide you on how best to bring in light while creating a stunning visual effect with the right wall sconces. Our selection of sconces is sure to give you décor inspiration for any room.


White Star Supply has an extensive selection of intricate chandeliers and luxury indoor lighting to help you create the perfect atmosphere in your space. Our upscale chandeliers come in a variety of colors and shapes, allowing you to choose the one that will best fit your space. You can select from contemporary to traditional styles, so whatever look you’re going for, White Star Supply has it. When selecting luxury indoor lighting for your home, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration such as size, type of design, wattage, and style. These components determine how elegant the lights will look and how much brightness they will bring to the room. Investing in quality chandeliers is sure to transform any room!

Dining Room
Kitchen sink
Designed by Cara Wommack
White bedroom bed
Designed by Cara Wommack
Entry Way
Designed by Cara Wommack


Our supply showrooms offer the best of the best when it comes to kitchen hardware – we take pride in our selection of faucets, sinks, dishwashers, ovens, and microwaves. All of the products are carefully chosen for their quality, craftsmanship, and their ability to make your life easier. Whether you’re a do-it-yourself homeowner with a few projects on your hands, or a licensed contractor looking to create an inspired kitchen or bath space for your clients, our selection is sure to meet all your needs. Every product has been expertly curated by our knowledgeable staff, guaranteeing that whatever you choose will be the perfect complement to your home.


White Star Supply offers a wide variety of faucet fixtures to choose from, making it easy for you to find the perfect one for your kitchen. With options ranging from traditional designs to more modern and sleek appearances, White Star Supply makes finding the faucet that fits both your style and budget easily attainable. Not only can the right choice of faucet make a big impact on improving the overall appearance of your kitchen, White Star Supply’s selection of designs also helps contribute to a space that is fully functional as well. With White Star Supply’s variety of faucet fixtures, you are sure to find something that complements your kitchen in the best way.


White Star Supply offers a wide selection of stylish sinks to customize and transform your kitchen. Whether you’re after a classic porcelain sink or a modern stainless steel farmhouse style, White Star’s extensive inventory has whatever you desire. When selecting a sink for your kitchen, there are numerous factors to consider: the size of your kitchen space, the functionality of the separate compartments and of course, aesthetics. White Star Supply offers a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and prices so that finding the perfect one is effortless. A new sink can dramatically enhance the look and feel of any kitchen while providing you with a practical utility as well.


White Star Supply is proud to offer a wide range of dishwasher styles, from compact models to large tub designs that can hold up to 16 place settings. Of course, the right choice depends on your kitchen’s layout and family size, but White Star Supply has ensured all the latest dishwasher features are available in its cutting-edge selection. If you’re looking for something truly unique, consider a black stainless steel or panel model design to change the look of your kitchen entirely. White Star Supply also provides advice for selecting a dishwasher and finding one with capabilities that will fit your needs. Don’t settle for just any dishwasher – choose White Star Supply and end up with the perfect match.

White kitchen
Tan kitchen with window
Designed by Lindsey Spearman
White kitchen with window
Designed by Lindsey Spearman
Kitchen showroom


At our supply showrooms, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of top-quality fixtures and pieces for any bathroom project. From sinks and faucets, to wash basins and towel holders, we are confident that whatever a customer might need, they can find it here. We also carry a diverse collection of designer shower heads and bathtubs that provide customers with luxuriously modern and stylish options for their space. Furthermore, there is also a fantastic selection of lighting and other fixtures to choose from to finish the look and help you create the ultimate spa experience. In all our showrooms, the latest arrivals will ensure you have access to the most up-to-date designs without having to search elsewhere.

  • Sinks

  • Faucets

  • Bathtubs

  • Showers

  • Shower Heads

  • Wash Basins

  • Towel Holders

  • Lighting

  • Other Fixtures

Blue bathroom
Designed by Laurie Watson
White vanity
Designed by Lindsey Spearman
Bathroom vanity
White bathtub
Designed by Cara Wommack
Shower bathroom
Designed by Cara Wommack
Double Vanity
Designed by Cara Wommack


Our supply showrooms are a one-stop shop for commercial contractors, electricians, and plumbers searching for the highest quality products. We proudly present the latest selection of premier contractor supplies to make jobs easier. Our variety is unmatched; any contractor looking for electrical supplies, plumbing parts and equipment, or any other specialty items will be able to find them in our showrooms. Our staff is knowledgeable and ready to answer questions so our customers can make informed decisions on the right items to get their job done quickly and efficiently. Come by one of our supply showrooms today and see why our clients love us!

 Fiddlers @ 410 Arnold, St. Simons Island
Bar chairs
Dining Room
Grandy's Exterior

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