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Frequently Asked Questions

What products does White Star carry in their inventory?

White Star boasts a diverse inventory catering to both professional contractors and homeowners. For contractors, we keep a wide range of plumbing and electrical supplies in stock, including plumbing fittings, PVC & piping, electric pumps, wire & cables, and more. Our showroom highlights our top-selling kitchen sink accessories, water faucets, pendant light fixtures, wall sconces, ceiling fan light kits, and chandeliers. Whether you’re looking for a simple tub spout or unique light fixtures, White Star has you covered.

Do you offer delivery services for your products?

Absolutely, we offer free order delivery, ensuring your supplies reach you promptly and efficiently.

How can I place an order for products from White Star?

Placing an order with White Star is seamless. You can call us or visit our showroom to consult with our sales team. As you establish an ongoing relationship, you can conveniently communicate through texts, emails, or in-person meetings for ongoing electrical and plumbing supply orders.

Does White Star provide installation services for the products they sell?

While we specialize in providing quality electrical and plumbing supplies, we don’t offer installation services.

Can I return products if they don’t meet my needs or expectations?

Yes, products are returnable provided they haven’t been installed. Our return policy is designed keeping our customers’ satisfaction in mind.

What financing and payment options do you offer?

We provide various payment options, including cash, checks, and credit cards. We also offer select contractors the option of a monthly billing account.

Do you offer any discounts or promotions for bulk orders or repeat customers?

White Star is a leading wholesaler known for competitive pricing across all material categories. We do consider designer and large customer discounts. Whether it’s for a bulk order or a DIY home project, our aim is affordable home improvement.

Can you provide recommendations for specific products based on my needs or budget?

Absolutely! Our sales consultants excel in guiding customers to select lighting fixtures and plumbing supplies that align with their budgets. Whether you’re seeking standard plumbing accessories or custom products, we offer a plethora of options to meet your price point.

Does White Star offer any warranties or guarantees on their products?

We do. White Star handles the warranties and guarantees provided by the manufacturers of the products we stock. If you have any warranty questions, our team is here to help.

Can homeowners purchase fixtures and lighting from White Star, or is it strictly for contractors?

White Star serves a vast clientele, from individual homeowners to professional contractors. Our showroom design team is adept at assisting anyone looking to upgrade their home design, be it with a sink faucet or a lavish chandelier.

Can White Star provide custom fixtures or products?

Yes, we can accommodate custom orders, ensuring you get exactly what you envision for your space.

Can White Star provide advice on electrical or plumbing installations?

Yes! With our rich experience in electrical and plumbing, our team can offer valuable tips and solutions for your installation needs, be it electrical outlet installation or bathroom plumbing.

Can White Star assist with large-scale projects?

Definitely, we are equipped to support both large-scale construction projects and individual home projects, ensuring you have everything you need, from large commercial electrical installations to big home projects.

What brands does White Star carry?

White Star stocks products from numerous brands known for their quality. In lighting, our collection includes Hudson Valley Lighting, Visual Comfort, and Hinkley Lighting, among many others. For plumbing, we showcase brands like Delta Plumbing Fixtures, House of Rohl Faucets, and American Standard Toilets, to name a few.

Can White Star help me design my space?

Certainly! At White Star, our strength is in recommending lighting and plumbing fixtures that resonate with a home’s design aesthetics. While our core expertise isn’t interior design, we pride ourselves on guiding and assisting designers to make the perfect selections in our specialized areas.

Can you order items if you don’t have them in stock?

Yes, we collaborate closely with our vendors to ensure we can provide the supplies you need when you require them. Whether it’s a custom order or a standard item, we strive to meet your needs.

What is the price range of White Star’s products?

At White Star, we pride ourselves on our expansive selection catering to various budgets. Whether you’re seeking premium lighting and plumbing fixtures or looking for more cost-effective solutions, we have options for every price point. Our expertise lies in understanding your needs and guiding you to products that align with your budget. Regardless of the project scale or financial constraints, you can trust White Star to offer the best in quality and value.

Does White Star sell eco-friendly or energy-efficient products?

Yes, White Star understands the diverse needs of our clients and we are happy to provide a wide range of options to meet any need. This includes offering a selection of energy-efficient and eco-friendly options to cater to projects where sustainability is a key consideration. Whether you’re looking for energy-saving lighting or efficient plumbing solutions, we strive to meet the specifications and preferences of all our clients.